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2021 Interview with Changing times magazine

5 MINUTE READ A CHANGE OF MIND from Changing Times Magazine – American Crew by AmericanCrew   from ‘Changing Times Magazine – American Crew’ SHAPING FUTURE TRENDS BY NICK BRACKS The seismic changes…
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Interview with Channel Seven’s, The Morning Show: 2020

Your location:MELBOURNE, VIC The Morning   LIVE press conference from Victoria, NSW on ‘high alert’ – tap here THE MORNING SHOW Nick Bracks launches ‘Move Your Mind’ podcast to discuss…
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2020 Interview with Heels agency: Part #2

Health & Fitness, Life & Lifestyle, Products and Services Nick Bracks – Mental Health Mentor by Heels Agency on June 22, 2020 A passionate advocate and facilitator of mental health issues, actively campaigning and…
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2020 Interview with Heels agency: Part #1

Inspirational People, The Game Changer Nick Bracks – Actor & Advocate by Editorial Team on June 26, 2020 Actor, model, mental health advocate, TEDx speaker & fashion designer who released his own underwear…
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2020 Interview with Hook Media

MASTER YOUR MENTAL HEALTH NOW: A CONVERSATION WITH NICK BRACKS When reaching out to mental health advocate Nick Bracks to talk about COVID-19, isolation and mental health, it was supposed to be…
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Daily Insta Live Workouts + Online Mental Health Resource for the Quarantine Era

Uncertainty around COVID-19 means that there has never been a more important time to re-evaluate mental health for yourself and supporting those around you. Isolation, quarantine, and social-distancing are terms that have quickly crept…
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Mental Health Tips during COVID-19

It is more important than ever that we create healthy daily habits in order to cope with the uncertainty caused through COVID-19. Creating a new habit can often be overwhelming…
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2020 Interview with ‘news.com.au’

Actor Nick Bracks opens up about his battle with alcohol and what it took to come back from the brink Former Neighbours star Nick Bracks has spoken candidly about his…
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2020 Interview with ‘Hello Sunday Morning’

Nick Bracks: How Giving Up Alcohol Turned His Life Around Nick Bracks shot into the public eye in 2007 when his father, Steve Bracks, resigned from his post as Premier…
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