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Jurie Rossouw, Resilience Expert: Interview w/ Nick Bracks

I was recently fortunate enough to interview Driven CEO, Jurie Rossouw on the Move Your Mind podcast. Jurie is a resilience expert and author of Executive Resilience, a book that…
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Article in 40 What Now: 2O21

10 ways to build a healthy mindset October 8, 2021Talya Stone In case you have been living under a rock of late, you will know that mental health has become…
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2021 Interview with Changing times magazine

5 MINUTE READ A CHANGE OF MIND from Changing Times Magazine – American Crew by AmericanCrew   from ‘Changing Times Magazine – American Crew’ SHAPING FUTURE TRENDS BY NICK BRACKS The seismic changes…
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Interview with Channel Seven’s, The Morning Show: 2020

Your location:MELBOURNE, VIC The Morning   LIVE press conference from Victoria, NSW on ‘high alert’ – tap here THE MORNING SHOW Nick Bracks launches ‘Move Your Mind’ podcast to discuss…
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2020 Interview with Heels agency: Part #2

Health & Fitness, Life & Lifestyle, Products and Services Nick Bracks – Mental Health Mentor by Heels Agency on June 22, 2020 A passionate advocate and facilitator of mental health issues, actively campaigning and…
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2020 Interview with Heels agency: Part #1

Inspirational People, The Game Changer Nick Bracks – Actor & Advocate by Editorial Team on June 26, 2020 Actor, model, mental health advocate, TEDx speaker & fashion designer who released his own underwear…
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2020 Interview with Hook Media

MASTER YOUR MENTAL HEALTH NOW: A CONVERSATION WITH NICK BRACKS When reaching out to mental health advocate Nick Bracks to talk about COVID-19, isolation and mental health, it was supposed to be…
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Daily Insta Live Workouts + Online Mental Health Resource for the Quarantine Era

Uncertainty around COVID-19 means that there has never been a more important time to re-evaluate mental health for yourself and supporting those around you. Isolation, quarantine, and social-distancing are terms that have quickly crept…
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Mental Health Tips during COVID-19

It is more important than ever that we create healthy daily habits in order to cope with the uncertainty caused through COVID-19. Creating a new habit can often be overwhelming…
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