Nick’s Story

Meet Nick Bracks

Born in Ballarat, Nick grew up in a close-knit family and a future seemingly set for success.

Despite outward appearances, Nick struggled with anxiety and depression from an early age, culminating in a series of alcohol-fuelled events that turned his life upside down. Documented heavily in the media due to his dad Steve’s prominent public position (Steve was the Premier of Victoria for 8 years in the early 2000’s), the pressure was on to change but Nick couldn’t fathom how to begin.

His breakthrough came when his mum Terry encouraged him to seek help and Nick began to work through his issues. Determined to erase the stigma surrounding mental health, Nick’s passion for changing mindsets has led him to conversations with CEOs, school kids – anyone willing to listen – advocating for the cause closest to his heart: mental health awareness.

Really, my whole 20s were about trying things, failing, learning and searching for what I wanted to do with the rest of my life… that came with a lot of turmoil, but if I hadn’t gone and tried so many things and made mistakes I wouldn’t have found the things I am passionate about, I wouldn’t have found the path I am on now.

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In addition to advocacy and acting, Nick has pursued various entrepreneurial projects since earning a Bachelor of Business at RMIT. His business achievements include the launch of his eponymous men’s underwear label, underBRACKS; a successful restaurant venture; co-founding a nutritional supplements company; and co-founding Happy Waves, an app that encompasses Nick’s passion for mental health and wellbeing by helping users find focus, deal with stress, re-energise and be mindful through meditation.

Nick’s professional life and personal development are perfectly intertwined. The result is a prolific and accessible output that others can apply to their own experiences.

Organisations Nick has worked with: