Mental Wellness Advocate, Entrepreneur & Storyteller leading candid conversations around Personal Leadership.

“Nick Bracks uses his life experience to help others, and Nick’s got one hell of a story. It’s an excellent example of how overcoming challenges and attempting to craft better control of your life, is possible for anyone. Move Your Mind itself is the perfect cherry on top – the strategies are something I think everyone should make use of. So get ready.”

Manu Feildel – Australia’s Got Talent Judge & Celebrity Chef

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In today’s world, there is still a stigma around open discussion of mental health and the importance of focusing on our own well-being. Too often we assume that others around us are living their “best life” when in reality they too could be suffering in silence. Until we have more people willing to engage in this conversation, there will be many people who won’t realize that it’s ok to seek help.

Nick Bracks is one of those people. Despite a successful career in entertainment, Nick suffered from crippling anxiety and depression for most of his life. The difference came about through a series of life events where he finally knew he needed to make a change. His experiences turned his life around and gave him the impetus to help others find the best ways to move forward while making meaningful changes, even if it means redefining what matters to them the most. He’s a passionate advocate committed to sharing the science based strategies and practical tools that helped him to take back control of his life.

Nick’s messages couldn’t be more timely. With people feeling more isolated and overwhelmed than ever before, Nick shines a light on how to take that first step forward to take control of your well being and overall mental health. He challenges participants to look around the room and realize that others in the room could be suffering, but powerless to seek help. At a time when companies are trying to support their employees in every way possible, this powerful talk can be used as a springboard for personal growth and foster a new found respect for protecting and nurturing our own well-being whether personally or professionally.


About Nick Bracks

Nick Bracks has dedicated his entire adult life to de-stigmatising mental illness through storytelling.

Growing up in one of the most famous political families in Australia, Nick was exposed to life in the public eye since he was 12 years old. Struggling to cope with depression and anxiety through substance abuse, Nick first gained his own notoriety in his early 20s through a publicly documented car crash that nearly killed himself and his best friend.

The drunk driving incident became a catalyst for Nick to turn his life around, exposing his mental health issues and allowing him to get the help he desperately needed. The media attention he gained after the crash led to a modelling career and an invitation to participate as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. While on Dancing With The Stars, Nick took the opportunity to speak publicly about his battle with depression and anxiety, becoming a pioneer in mental health advocacy.

Since then, Nick has developed a successful public speaking career on the topic, conducting over 1,000 talks at organisations around the world, including several TEDtalks. The “Neighbours” actor is also a successful entrepreneur, founding Move Your Mind Pty Ltd – a corporate wellness software for employees in construction and similar industries. Nick released his first book with publisher Wiley in 2021 and currently runs a podcast under the same name  – Move Your Mind.