How Can Boxing Enhance Resilience Against Mental Health Challenges? W/ Michael Cordner

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Do you find it hard to navigate the challenge of making changes in your mental health journey due to many aspects feeling intangible? Keeping things simple and practical can be a powerful way to to take action and build a stronger mindset, and the discipline of exercise is one of the best methods to achieve this.

In this episode, my guest Michael Cordner will share his story of overcoming drug addiction to competing in boxing, while offering practical strategies for building resilience against mental health. If you are ready to take action and build a stronger mindset, then keep listening…


  • The importance of practical skills like boxing in developing resilience.
  • The impact of societal pressures on mental health
  • The role of sports in promoting mental resilience and well-being

You can find the episode links here: nickbracks.com/podcast