Daily Insta Live Workouts + Online Mental Health Resource for the Quarantine Era

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Uncertainty around COVID-19 means that there has never been a more important time to re-evaluate mental health for yourself and supporting those around you. Isolationquarantine, and social-distancing are terms that have quickly crept up into daily vocabulary and can create a great deal of stress and anxiety at home or at work. 

Mental health advocate, host and founder of Mental Health Masterclass, Nick Bracks, is hosting a daily live 40 min Instagram LIVE workout at 10am (EST) to encourage mental health with movement while fostering a connected online fitness community. Nick also offers tips for staying mentally healthy on his blog during the quarantine stage, and released an online mental health course, where he is joined by world-leaders in the fields of psychology, memory, mindfulness, fitness, meditation, and advocacy in partnership with leading Mental Health Organisation’s such as One in Five

”Looking after our mental health is now more important than ever. Being isolated with uncertainty about the future can lead to negative thinking and anxiety. My hope is to educate people, and providing as many tools as possible through our Mental Health Masterclass program, to help people create healthy routines and coping mechanism during the coming months,’’ says Bracks.  

Resident clinical psychologist and mindfulness expert for the masterclass, Dr. Richard Chambers, offers some practical tips to keep mentally healthy with in a barrage of information (and misinformation) surrounding COVD-19:

”The number one thing is to not get caught up in fear and anxiety. Our mind hates the unknown and fills the vacuum with worry and catastrophising. But this triggers our fight/flight circuits, which lowers our immunity and can lead to anxiety and depression. So stay informed, but don’t stay glued to the TV or social media. Meditate every day. Stay focused on what you can control, and learn to accept what you can’t. Get 8 hours of sleep. Do 30 minutes of moderate exercise 3-4 days a week. Stay connected with loved ones. Be kind and patient with those around you (especially in the supermarket). And remember that we are all – like, all 7.2 billion of us – in this together. And we will get through it together.’’

Mental Health Masterclass is a social enterprise that makes it possible for all employees with any smartphone or device to access essential mental health education from world-leading experts any time, anywhere, through our high quality online video courses. Each 12-15 minute module comes with comprehensive workbooks and a range of printables with optional tasks, behaviour change tools, information & guidance to create healthy, preventative long term habits. 


Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist and internationally-recognised mindfulness expert. He regularly consults to businesses, educational institutions and community organisations. He has been at Smiling Mind since the very beginning and is an ambassador, trainer and content developer.

At Monash University, he is leading a world-first university-wide mindfulness initiative, embedding mindfulness in the core curriculum. Richard is the author of three books and numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, and features regularly in the mainstream media.


Nick’s early career in the fashion and entertainment industries ultimately led him to his ongoing work in mental health awareness. He earned international modelling contracts and made regular appearances on Australian television as a presenter as well as a personality. During his time on Dancing with the Stars, Nick publicly spoke about his experience with depression and anxiety for the first time. 

Nick has advocated alongside some of Australia’s, and the world’s largest mental health-focussed organisations by candidly recounting the mental health issues he has struggled with since age 11, including a particularly difficult period when injury forced an early end to his initial career as a competitive athlete. He has spoken to audiences of 1,000+, personally delivering over 1,000 seminars at schools and corporate events around the world, as well as presenting two TED Talk’s, one covering how creative and entrepreneurial drive can help combat depression, and a second on the growing suicide epidemic. 

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