#170: How to Effectively Reduce Alchohol Consumption to Change Your Life w/ Jonathan Hunt-Glassman

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Binges. Blackouts. Bad decisions. Anxiety. Regret. Shame. Resolving to quit drinking entirely. Making “rules” to limit drinking. Trying and failing again and again. Have you ever talked about wanting to change your relationship with alcohol, only to fall back into the same habits? Unless you have a tangible and practical approach, it can be near impossible to make these changes.

Today I am speaking to Jonathan Hunt-Glassman about his journey from heavy drinking to moderation with the help of medication and the influence of peer groups on drinking behaviour.

In this episode we strategies for reducing alchohol consumption and the positive-changes it brings to your life.



  • Jonathan’s personal story
  • Strategies for moderating alchohol consumption
  • Influence of peer groups on drinking behaviour

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