TV Blackbox Interview: 2021

Nick likes to share


Nick Bracks is well known in Australia for his modelling career, various high profile businesses, his stint on Dancing with the Stars, a role in Neighbours and his advocacy work in the mental health space.

With one person every 40 seconds across the world taking their own life, this idea about removing stigma around the area of mental health is now more important than ever. Nick has his own story about his past struggles and totally owns where he has been and what he has done and how moving his mind allowed him to step into a new way of thinking to release himself from negative thoughts that plagued his younger life.







This one hour podcast can get heavy at times as we both discuss traumatic times in our lives and what resources and help are available in taking the next step to improving mental health.

In this podcast: Nick Bracks discusses:

  • The perceived pressure of being the son of Victoria’s longest serving Premier
  • His unhealthy and private obsession with fitness at a very young age
  • Turing to alcohol after dropping out of uni
  • His high profile car accident in which he was charged with DUI
  • His modelling career
  • Appearing in gay magazine DNA
  • Being a finalist in Cleo Bachelor of the Year
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • His role on Neighbours
  • The non discriminatory nature of mental health
  • Move Your Mind podcast
  • A number of mental health scenarios (including myself)
  • Mental health of reality show contestants
  • His website nickbracks.com
  • Movie Your Mind: How to Build a Healthy Mindset for Life (book)
  • His next steps

The podcast will also give advice on taking the next step to improving your mental health should anything ‘trigger’ anything for the audience.


His book Move Your Mind: How to Build a Healthy Mindset is available for pre-order at https://www.amazon.com/Move-Your-Mind-healthy-mindset/dp/073039204X

Be sure to check out his website here

Thank you to Nick for being so open and honest about his life – it certainly was not the “usual” television podcast, however, mental health is at the forefront of our community and talking about it, is the first step in removing the stigma of having any type of mental health issue.