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Nick Bracks launches ‘Move Your Mind’ podcast to discuss mental health and resilience

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As the son of former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, Nick Bracks is no stranger to a life in the limelight and being at the centre of his own headlines.

But today, the actor and model is all grown up – and he’s much more than a pretty face.

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Nick is using his own struggle with fame and his mental health story to inspire others, launching a brand new podcast that may be the reminder you need – that there is light at the end of this COVID-sized tunnel.

“This new project is a culmination of working in this area for about 10 years,” Bracks said.

Our goal with this is to have real and authentic conversations with different public figures and wellness experts and be able to give the listener little takeaways that they can put into their everyday life.”

Celebrity guests

The podcast features celebrity guests such as Hugh Sheridan, Matt Mitcham and Manu Feildel – and will reveal another side to the stars.

“It’s really to talk to them as a human, and to understand their backstories and what they’ve been through and the difficulties they’ve had,” Bracks said.

“It’s about how they’ve created a mindset to help them succeed and to get quality out of their life.


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“I’m trying to extract simple takeaways that the listener will hopefully put into their own life.

“For anyone who looks up to these figureheads, if they can hear that they are human and have the same struggles, it makes it a little bit more relatable for the person listening.

“Hopefully they then feel it is okay to take action, start a conversation and make some sort of a change.”

COVID and mental health

Nick is now isolating at home in Melbourne – and he says the toll of the second lockdown has had a huge impact on people’s mental health.

“The big thing I talk about is routine and daily habits,” Bracks said.

“It’s something that has been the most important thing for me. So for everyone going through this, keep some sort of routine.

“Get up at a similar time, do something healthy for yourself, whether it is exercising, meditating, or reaching out to a friend.


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“The other thing is to keep hope. As soon as a human loses hope, that is when we start to crumble.

“Keep hope that things will get better. It is taking longer than we thought but things absolutely will get better.

Keep reminding yourself of that and make sure you have got enough of a network of people that you can reach out to and talk to and rationalise things with.”

Advice to his younger self

“You don’t have to have all the answers straight away,” Bracks said.

“Realise that life is a journey and everyone is on their own path. Take things as they come.

“It’s okay to be yourself. You don’t have to be anyone else other than yourself.

“Everyone is different. We don’t need to compare each other. Just be yourself.”

Stream Nick’s podcast Move your Mind here.