2020 Interview with Heels agency: Part #2

Nick likes to share

A passionate advocate and facilitator of mental health issues, actively campaigning and working with organisations across all sectors, bringing awareness and highlighting the importance of better mental health conditions.

Around 50% of all long-term illnesses relate to mental health, and that’s not considering the impact that COVID-19 has had and will continue to have post pandemic. Mental health is just as important as physical health and now is the time to invest in creating a healthy workplace.

Nick and his team can turn around your employees and your bottom line.

Nick Bracks Model Actor Mental Health Advocate Heels Agency Demi Karan

Nick Bracks – TEDx Talk – The Growing Suicide Epidemic

Nick Bracks has dedicated the last decade to altering existing behavioural patterns, tirelessly working with charitable and corporate Australian organisations, changing the way we view and deal with mental health issues through his open and honest discussions.

Reach out, ask for help and remind yourself you are not alone. – Nick Bracks

He has conducted TEDx talks and run over 1,000 mental health seminars for some of Australia’s most prominent employers, government organisations, schools and universities – from Qantas to BUPA, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, McDonald’s, The Good Guys and Movember to name a few.

Put mental health above everything. – Nick Bracks

Due to popular demand, Nick and his team of leading Australian psychologists and select group of facilitators, are running bespoke Mental Health Training programs, seminars and targeted modules highlighting requested content, catering to unique requirements of an organisation.

My turning point was when I first asked for and accepted help. – Nick Bracks


Nick and his team offer a range of one-hour seminars and three-hour manager training sessions. The sessions are all evidence based and delivered by qualified experts, covering a wide array of topics.

Bespoke Seminars & Training Sessions

The bespoke seminars and training sessions are customised to meet your company’s specific leadership and staff needs, including how to meet targets, reduce absenteeism and risks, support the organisations core values etc…

One-Hour Seminars & Three-Hour Manager Training

Highlight some of the following topics – Personal Stories, PERMA, Resilience, Mindfulness, Bullying, Starting Conversations, Addiction & Dependency, Understanding – Mental Health in The Workplace, Stress & Anxiety, Life Challenges, Surviving to Thriving – Men’s Health, Work Life Balance, Creating Supportive Teams, Maintaining Good Mental Health, Goal Setting Creating Habits, Communication at Work etc…


Nick and his team offer a range of digital mental health-based products & services, and can also tailor make video content for your organisation.

Webinars & Digital Training

Offer live or pre-recorded webinars and digital training covering all content in face-to-face sessions.

Bespoke Video Content

They can create video content specific to your company to promote ongoing messages and deliver training courses or, we can get creative with our talented production team!

Mental Health Training Books

We have co-created a Mental Health Training guide with the founder of the Happiness Planner. The books are informational with practical daily activities, habit formation guides and goal setting. The planner is beautifully presented and comes in digital or hard copy.


We offer a range of consulting services around mental health and communication. Our creative approach to helping organisations to identify what is working and the holes that need to be fixed.


We like to get creative, learn about your current practices and make an action plan to create change.

Matching you With the Best Tools Possible

We will listen to your needs and match you with the best tools and services available – we have relationships with the best providers in mental health and if we can’t personally satisfy a need we will match you with someone who can.

Public Speaking Training

Nick offers one-on-one and group public speaking training, both face-to-face and through web interfaces. Having gone from having a debilitating fear of communicating and speaking in front of even small groups of people, to making a career as a speaker, Nick understands how sharing learnings can help others to develop their skill sets.

Creating Sustained Change

We will leave you with habit formation tools to create sustained long-term change.

In a single year, untreated mental conditions account for 6 million lost working days and over $10.9 billion in lost revenue across Australia. PwC research shows that every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace returns an average of $2.30 Nick and his team can turn around your employees and your bottom line.

Actor, Model, Fashion Designer, Media Personality, TV Presenter, Mental Health Advocate and Trainer is paving the way in changing the stigma surrounded by mental health. Hit LINK to view Nick Bracks journey.


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If you or someone you know is suffering from any mental health concerns, please reach out and talk to someone or contact one of the many professional organisations available online who are there to help, such as;